Nolzur's Inkwell


Nolzur’s Inkwell

Level 6 Uncommon

This glass inkwell is stained and battered, as if it has seen much use.

Utility Power (Zone) Daily (Minor Action)

Effect: The ink creates a zone in a close blast 2 that lasts until the end of the encounter. The ground of the zone becomes an extradimensional pit that is 20 feet deep. The pit does not extend through the floor, since it warps space to produce its effect. Climbing out of the pit requires a DC 15 Athletics check. A creature in the zone when it is created floats to the bottom of the pit without taking damage. A creature in the pit when the zone ends rises back to the ground safely.


Contained in a cedarwood box containing calligraphers tools. Found in Klorak’s Steamer Trunk.

Nolzur's Inkwell

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