Eberron and on...

Thrunefang Tunnels

In the tunnels below ThruneFang Camp an undead lair of sea ghouls and the remains of castaways thrown down. There were victims being turned into ghouls and we put them out of their misery.

Abraxas tripped over a strip of leather armour with words etched on it, picked out in blood. A message from Captain Kovack of The Jenivere

The message talks of him being tricked by Ileana and lured to his death. He also mentioned that she seemed interested in the Red Mountain on the island.

Beyond a frog creature lair we discovered a man-made temple with images of snake people eating people and a central pillar carved like a giant serpent. To the south we found a pile of corpses arranged in a sculpture of a snake, investigating to the north were several more serpent pillars ending a carved cobra head with a door ensconced in its maw, and THE PIRATE ZOMBIE of Captain Kovack

After following the Captain’s wishes we investigated the door. Ash and broken glass carpeted the floor, the glass appeared to come from fine potion bottles and I found small cork stoppers burried in the ash. Neve and Abrakas believed that the ash was caused by some kind of magical ward on the door, we all took cover while Abraxas opened the door… nothing happened so we assumed the trap had been sprung.

Beyond the door was an octagonal chamber with a snake-head plinth in the middle and carved images depicting scenes of Smugglers Shiv and snake demons subjugating mankind lined the walls.
Abraxas and Neve deciphered one of the carvings



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