Eberron and on...

The Lair of the Ghoul Mother

Further into the tunnels beneath ThruneFang

We followed the tunnel from the frog cave towards fresh air and finally came upon a large cave with a sandy beach. Tossing in a sunnrod we saw the cave was populated by demonic Bullywugs. We were most fortunate and slew them all!

Sneaking down a narrow crevasse we stumbled (literally) into an undead lair, the ghoul mother offered mercy if we surrendered but with Neve and Abraxas we did not even entertain the thought. We were drawn into the fight by two ghouls brandishing stone clubs and distracted from the other ghoul lurking in the shadows who grabbed Neve and nearly dragged her away into the darkness, fortunately she smote him and he fled back into the darkness. When he reappeared Abraxas chopped him down.

Loot 1,000gp each (L5 item or 2 x L2 or 3 x L1) Piratical / Maritime not Rare



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