Eberron and on...

The Lair of the Ghoul Mother
Further into the tunnels beneath ThruneFang

We followed the tunnel from the frog cave towards fresh air and finally came upon a large cave with a sandy beach. Tossing in a sunnrod we saw the cave was populated by demonic Bullywugs. We were most fortunate and slew them all!

Sneaking down a narrow crevasse we stumbled (literally) into an undead lair, the ghoul mother offered mercy if we surrendered but with Neve and Abraxas we did not even entertain the thought. We were drawn into the fight by two ghouls brandishing stone clubs and distracted from the other ghoul lurking in the shadows who grabbed Neve and nearly dragged her away into the darkness, fortunately she smote him and he fled back into the darkness. When he reappeared Abraxas chopped him down.

Loot 1,000gp each (L5 item or 2 x L2 or 3 x L1) Piratical / Maritime not Rare

Thrunefang Tunnels

In the tunnels below ThruneFang Camp an undead lair of sea ghouls and the remains of castaways thrown down. There were victims being turned into ghouls and we put them out of their misery.

Abraxas tripped over a strip of leather armour with words etched on it, picked out in blood. A message from Captain Kovack of The Jenivere

The message talks of him being tricked by Ileana and lured to his death. He also mentioned that she seemed interested in the Red Mountain on the island.

Beyond a frog creature lair we discovered a man-made temple with images of snake people eating people and a central pillar carved like a giant serpent. To the south we found a pile of corpses arranged in a sculpture of a snake, investigating to the north were several more serpent pillars ending a carved cobra head with a door ensconced in its maw, and THE PIRATE ZOMBIE of Captain Kovack

After following the Captain’s wishes we investigated the door. Ash and broken glass carpeted the floor, the glass appeared to come from fine potion bottles and I found small cork stoppers burried in the ash. Neve and Abrakas believed that the ash was caused by some kind of magical ward on the door, we all took cover while Abraxas opened the door… nothing happened so we assumed the trap had been sprung.

Beyond the door was an octagonal chamber with a snake-head plinth in the middle and carved images depicting scenes of Smugglers Shiv and snake demons subjugating mankind lined the walls.
Abraxas and Neve deciphered one of the carvings

Thrunefang Camp

We finally found our way to the Lighthouse at the south-west of Smuggler’s Shiv. There was a small camp around the lighthouse and appeared to be the base for the islands cannibals.

In the lighthouse we found the camp’s leader – Klorak the Red along with his harem and witch-doctor.

We’ve taken control of the lighthouse and camp now. The rest of the Castaways are going to complete construction of the lighthouse and hopefully attract the attention of a passing ship. In the meantime we are going to investigate the tunnels beneath the lighthouse…

Souls for Smugglers Shiv

“They say the dead walk on Smuggler’s Shiv, and that those who have yet to die dine on the flesh of their kin. They say that the very plants and animals of the island thirst for blood. And they say that those who sail too close to the island’s cutting edge are already doomed, even before their ships are impaled and slip beneath the shark hungry waves. The island itself is a grave to all manner of folk – pirate and soldier, merchant and smuggler alike. By day, one who approaches too closely can hear their screams from the green that crowns the isle, and by night one can watch the witchlights dance on its shore, said to be glowing cannibal ghosts eager to lure new meals to their shore.

They say all this and more about Smuggler’s Shiv.

I can think of no better place to hide my treasure."

-Final recorded words of Captain Lorch Quellig

Racing to Ruin

“The jungles of Xen’drik are rife with crumbling ruins—the ziggurats of Kembe, the flying city of Kho, and poor, doomed Holy Xatramba. But none of these ancient relics have inspired the imaginations of adventurers and scholars more than Saventh-Yhi, the legendary lost city of the

Azlanti and the only outpost of that vanished race so far south in Garund’s dark interior. Saventh-Yhi’s discovery would be the crowni ng achievement of any explorer’s career, and gods know enough have tried to find it and failed. The fetid jungles of Xen’drik hold many secrets, but perhaps some cities are lost for a reason.

Think about that as you’re being devoured by some toothed monstrosity beneath the dripping canopy."

—Lilae Kurundi, A Fool’s Errand: Ruins and Relics of Xen’drik


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